Major McCormick

Live, by Major Mccormick

Well in todays world we have issues that complicate humanity… I watched from a distance and in close the rise of face book. I knew right away it would bring a end to letter writing, and a horrible isolation to human capacity to love, feel loved and operate as they were created. Technology continued, text messages, snap chats etc. etc.. little by little taking the soul and feeling away from actual human interaction… I have a post on my face book around December of 2012 and I asked if you could imagine Jesus Christ sending a text message with his last breath or his whole sermon was all text…. And if God created us in his image, Did he have a cell phone? did 90% of communication and interaction start in cyber space? At any moment you can block a friend or do all kinds of wierd things to become anti social and its cool when before all of this artificial communication we would work through all of our differences and find true love in the end and even if it were bitter differences we found away to yet behave civily.. The amount of murder and divorce and suicide has risen… Lonliness, desperation , distraction and addiction has also raised… all in the name of finding comfort in technology which in the end has no emotions, deep feelings , voice. heart. happy or sad feelings anything to do with human….. Maybe its too late but maybe this one blog can reach two or three who really think about what is being said and try to visit people in person more often talk on the phone more often bring the whole family to a park or your house just because you are all kinned to eachother no specific reason. Share some quality time not post and pics share some real love not likes and check marks in boxes….. Dont worry… Im focused on the good of the world….. and all I need is some one to pray along with me God Help us become what you created us to be not some android or a million pictures or so isolated we think real conversation is intrusive every one is so busy doing nothing. If we still had house phones and no cell phones or face book or dating sites the world would have never known What? The loss of true love, consideration, concern, being courteous? A person not texting a mistress or side fling while laying next to you, what we have here to day is a speed of inticements for infidelity… Technology in it self is not evil but how we use it makes it detrimental. Use it sparingly it should be used mostly in emergency or if it is truly making you some type of currency outside of this its making you less of a full rounded , whole person.. enjoy life today look at the sun look at the blue sky instead of the screen call your sister brother mother call a few friends find a place that you all can talk at least once a month… Amen

Major Mccormick
DOC #686167


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  1. So true but technology is not all bad. Sometimes that facetime or facebook post keeps you in contact with family far away. I personally am a private person so my fb page is full of nothing. I dont post much at all. I read alot of news from different cities,,DIY ideas, stuff like that.


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