John Hudson

A Poem, by John Hudson

Just a little poem I wrote last night while locked in my cell and was lost in thought! They tried to discourage me from writing music because they see the positive impact it has on people so they took away all my recording devices, instruments, and expelled me from doing concerts for my family so instead I write songs, make my own beats and perform them for my fellow peers here in the block! It inspires me to keep chasing my dream as a musician! This is just a quick poem I wrote called:

How dare the system insult my integrity
back at top and your bouta see the better me
thought I was done I promise that’ll never be
been low key now I’m higher than I’ll ever be
higher than you’ll ever see no more lookin down on me
now i got my halo can’t you see my angel wings
true I’m incarcerated spirit will remain free
hataz gonna hate but why they love to hate me
swear I’ll be the greatest in the world call me Ali
open up the gates father can’t you hear me calling
scars on my body and the tears steady falling
this ain’t make believe pain baby this is all me
furthest thing from perfect my whole life is made with flaws see
y’all don’t see the sad and loneliness of what these walls keep
picture being bounded as your walking down a dark street
forget walking miles inside my shoes just look at my feet
feel the pain that I feel cry yourself to sleep at night
hoping for a second chance or simply God just take my life
I’ve come to far to give up now, If only they can see I’ve changed
Nobody else to turn to now I’m all alone inside my brain
Everyone can change for good even satan was an angel
look past my scarred and tattooed body, cant you see my halo!!

(sometimes it ain’t about experiencing what others endured, its about being able to relate with what they’ve been thru Sometimes its more than skin deep. If you look close enough everybody has a halo)

DOC #572-824

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