Terry Wardlow


I’m ceeing inner unity,outer tolerance as when you experiencing unification your tolerance will be high and you will have victory over the devils attempts.When you experiencing fragmentation in the interior your tolerance will be low and you fall off the edge or easily destroyed.Sometimes when you confined in small places or the poor part of the planet your patience is tested, your strength is tested, your honor is tested, your integrity is tested, and e.t.c. But if you remain real and true to who you is, then places like that only builds character and all the fake and weak will indeed be destroyed.Let’s examine,INNER UNITY: Inner-Is relating to the spirit or mind. Uni: means one.ty: means nature or superiority of kind. I’m sciencing that up as the mind is where we are one with the creator. OUTER TOLERANCE: Outer- Is located on the outside or related to the body.Tolerance: Capacity to withstand pain or hardships. How I’m ceeing this as anything outside of self will not have power over me. When we are one with that God consciousness you are in a peaceful state of mind. Unity is the quality or state of accord or agreement. That law and order is the foundation upon which our science of life rest,so now I can tolerate external things. Inner Unity, Outer Tolerance brings forth a clear picture of my calmness even in the mist of a tornado. Understanding brings tolerance,when you understand a person, place, or thing and manifest PATIENCE you can tolerate it, even if your not in agreement with it. The gift of understanding is the treasure of God.

Terry Wardlow
DOC #659133


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