Jarel Adams

LIFE AIN’T EASY, by Jarel Adams

My past illuminates my present, my present allows me to take a glimpse into my future. I have been so preoccupied with the past and dreaming of the future that I have overlooked the gift of life; my Present. I currently sit in an Industrial Complex of human cargo also known as prison. The condition of the Criminal Justice System does not concern me, prison reform does not concern me; what concerns me is the choices that one makes to end up in situations that places people in the System.
I have blamed my hard life on the environment I was raised in, the influence of a wrong crowd, America, the school system, and many other external causes of my plight. The only thing that was missing from the list was the Choices I made. Are those external causes flawed? Of course they are, but I can’t control those things. I can control only how I respond to the stimuli.
I spent my entire life Reacting instead of Responding. Now that my eyes are open to my reality, I am being more Proactive by anticipating the Collateral Consequences of my choices. I view life as a game, it is hard, but a game worth playing. I will play this game to win because I don’t know if I can play this game again. So no more complaining, no more blame game, no more self-victimization; just Living. I am a free thinker who will not submitt to any external distractions. I move with purpose, and if I fall, I will not fail. I learn best through adversity, I learn from lessons disguised as failures. Life is a game filled with opponents and allies, but I control who I allow to attach themselves to me. Life ain’t easy, but I win through living. The fear of death does not reside in me nor does an infatuation with success, just winning this game by my definition. Life ain’t easy, but I don’t think it was designed to be easy.

Jarel Adams
DOC #730-562

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