Scott Mitchell

Hello,Tomorrow! by Scott Mitchell

Gangsters, killers, carjackers, kidnappers,
I live in peace amoung you, My place is understood.
I am YOU, and you are ME, in so many ways.
I am so different than you in even more ways.
Mistakes that make me shiver aren’t mistakes to you at all.
Casualties of street life, you never shed a tear.
I on the other hand pray for forgiveness and am secretly willing to trade places with victims in order to prevent a mother’s tears from falling.
My poor mother, how proud she once was, and oh how her dreams were so endless for me. Sky’s the limit baby! I could have been ANYTHING in her eyes. This was not in her plan for me. I was raised better, different, loved more, or were we all raised the same? Do I regret your intrusion? No /Yes /No!!! Can I ever go back to “start”? Can I have another roll of the dice of life? Please, just one more roll! I am not meant to be here, I am different. I am the child of a love deeper than all seas and taller than all trees. Does God forgive equally. Does being sorry matter? Am I sorry? How do I say goodbye to yesterday? I am the answer to my own questions.
Hello, Tomorrow!

Scott Mitchell
DOC #A636258

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