Peter Kenney


To all my readers, family, friends, and my future wife “Jea”…. Pray for me….. I’ve said in my last blogs, its time…. I gotta put up fight, can’t let these people keep me lock away….. I’m a changed man!!!!! I need a second chance at life…..
I’m getting ready to put a petition together…. My fiancée and I are ready to put all the work in we need to….. Any help from outside people is welcomed….. To see my story, my struggle to get home….. GOOGLE SEARCH my site…. @freepeterkenneyjr…………..

Hopefully this can enlighten you as to the struggle and fight…. I have a sooooo much to fight for…. I need to get back!!!! So much to offer outside of this prison lifestyle, I’m no animal…. Don’t need to be caged or euthanized for the way I was…… A learned behavior, product of the struggle around me…… I’ve grown and learned how a normal human being is suppose to at in society….. I’m no longer a menace to anyone…. I’m a kind, humble, God fearing, man!!!!!! Not a child mislead by the environment around him….. Please look at my page, share it with everyone you know…. I pray it falls upon someone’s eyes that can bless me with some form of help…. Whether its legal advice, a simple prayer, or even lighting a candle….. A candle to light my way home!!!!! I want to thank you 4 taking the time to read this…..

I wish you well…..

DOC #421-491

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