Max McBride

God Must Love Me, by Max MCbride

Young Tay grew up in the slums, chasing
paper ,surviving by all means necessary.
His Mom was a crack head & he was
a fatherless crack baby .So his understanding on life was messed up,
all his cousins where the same as him.
Except one of his older cousins that made it out the hood ,playing pro
football but always came back when
he could to see his people and they all
had a direct line to him. He never forgot,
where he came from also his love for football
& his coach’s through his years in school
& college, kept him focus. His dad got kilt
in a drug deal going bad and his mom
she had to stay strong ,for her 3 year old.
When it happen it wasn’t easy for her but she made it happen, she’s still a R.N even doe ,her son got millions. Young Tay’s dad ,he never met and his mom didn’t know who it
was .She has sex with a lot of guys to
support her habit .His mom & his cousin’s mom was related through his cousin dad. His moms brother ,everybody think that’s what made her get depressed &start smoking crack because her and older brother ,where
definitely tight.
Y.T never got to meet his uncle but
heard a lot of great things about him and that he put family first and Y.T could
see that in his older cousin. Y.Twas borning 4years later .
Y.T felt like he had it all ,box Chevy on 30’s,work on deck ,thanx to his hustling skills & his cousin give’em at least 5,000
every time, he came to the hood ,which was at least 4 times a year .Y.T felt like a God in the hood at 17 but he wasn’t really
ready for what the game had in store
for him, he was aware of it because most
of his ghetto hero’s was lock up or dead.
Y.T just pulled up to his spot and the back door was kick in, he turnt his car off, hop out with his 40 cal.out ,then ran in
with his gun drawn. Once he got in, he ran
straigth to the basement to check for his
half brick of hard ,he had there, it was gone &he was devastated, he still had some paper stashed at moms house ,more than anuff .But nobody never took nothing from him and he had a feeling, he knew who did it ,him and close friend
haven’t been seeing eye to lately because
he liked to mess money up splurging
to much & he had just called Y.T 2 days
ago and asked him could he front him
2 and a half and Y.T said he can’t stuff
tigth his way rigthnow, liein just so they
woulding fall out.Little did he know he
had just made a enemy he would have to
kill when he caugth up with him .Y.T went
to his duck off spot to laylow and figure
out how ,he was gon get dude while smoking a blunt and playing Ps4 NBA 2k 2018 His I phone rang ,he look at the caller I.D & it was dude .Y.T thougth this dude,
crazy ,I’m bout to kill this nigga .He let it ring 5 times before he answered,acting
like he was half sleep.” hello.
Y.T, what it do fam ! how you been !
Y.Twent along with the game and kept his composer .”Shit chilling. why what’s good ,what you in to tonite !
Shit just at the spot ,getting it.
O’yeah ,I see you came up ,thats wusp.
Me I’m bout to hit the mall,
but let’s meet up at the strip club tonite
say uh11.
Alrigth 1. But unbeknowst to Y.T dude wasnt gon show ,he was just checking Y.T pulse & he was spook his instincts told him not to show up, he knew Y.T too well .They had been friends since 6 grade. Y.T finished playing his game, thinking of a way to kill dude and get away
with it ,because he coulding afford to get caught .While still playing the game his cousin called him he answered on the
3rd ring .”Hello. “Wut up family, I’m in town! where you at!””I’m at one of my new chicks crib, why wusp.I’m at ya Moms come through, I need to Holla at you about something important .Alrigth I’ll be there in a half ,1.”1family!
Big cousin was at Y.T Mom’s house worried he felt it in his heart ,.Y.Twas bout to do
something he would regret ,if he ain’t stop him.So he got on his knees and asked God for proper guidance
Y.T pulled up in the back and went in the
crib through the backdoor then went to the livingroomwhere he seen has cousin in front of the couch on his knees praying & crying. Y.T was shocked & asked him what was going on. Big cousin got up
and said family I came to save you,
I feel like its now are never ,you can come
live with me, its more to life & I feel you
bout to do something crazy, I just don’t know what it is and I can’t lose you bro
you like the lil brother I never had .Y.T
started crying and admitted to his cousin, what he had plans to do and why. Then his cousin told him pack his stuff because I can’t see you
like my dad our in prison for along time.
I already talked to your mom & she cool
with this ,you moving with me and you getting back in school.Y.T pack wit no
questions ask.He believed in his cousin
whole heartily and was happy he
saved his life.
As of now years later Tay works at a group home for troubled teens & has his own place with a good female. That he plans
to marry soon also he’s a motivational
speaker & him and his cousin have
a great relationship also Tay attends his games .When he haves time. Tays Mother
his been in and out of rehab but for some
reason she won’t change.

#wake up
#God really loves
#We gotta love ourselves to
Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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