Dennis Watson

My Daughter, by Dennis Watson

You’re the best part of my world & don’t know it… The brightest part of my candles, even when I blow it… This by far has been the worst of my experiences… Just don’t let the worst of what they say Ruin my appearances… I put my for head to yours as if the best part of our minds will synchronize… Hoping the metronome of our heartbeats don’t divide… The sky is the limit you reach for, so the worst of things you’ve endured, I wish I could be their more than ever… Dreams are to be shared, along with truth & dares, so we inner twine in tangled tethers… Whether the weather is worse that a painfully league of cursed words used to hurt you… Whatever scar is held with no regards to your level of pain, I’ll nurse you… Back to health… Our encounter will be an emotional feat as if I returned back from death… As I rest unpeacefully, in the purgatory I’m in I believe you’d be the only one to reach for me… The need to be there for you grows immensely… Seed are sown & promises are carelessly thrown to shatter… The matter is none, as I rot in this cold shell of a cadaver… Are you sad that I’m this close to death? Or just a forgotten picture of memories in a pile with rest… Am I destined to be a black hearted man that bleeds opague Scarlett fluid? Stitched together with the same thread from an imaginary devil that has man fooled, to believe in… The season seems slim were weeds grow & trees bend… Friends become the best of enemies, & lovers only are reminded of their constant misery, this isn’t what I want for you… To be lost in a pitiful existence called life, full of violence & no rules, chaos & no order… The farther I am away from you & the more you accomplish in the process, the more proud I am to call you my daughter…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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