Brian Brooks

Introduction Blog, by Brian Brooks

Hey! To all whose eyes this correspondence may come across, I’m hoping it finds you full and health, wealth and success. My name is Brian Brooks, I’m 5″6, dark caramel complected and have a smile that could be featured on a toothpaste commercial =D I just turned 29 in January (Capricorn IF you’re wondering) and am currenty incarcerated at Lebanon Correctional (which is just outside of Cincinatti, OH) until 4/23/2020 and counting! In April i’ll have been gone a year, making my total sentence to be served 2 years. My interests are cooking, sports, knowledge/education/learning of facts and am known to frequent and be highly sucessful at the local casino. If this sounds like your cup of tea my contact info is below. Take care and embrace your blessings.

Feel free to contact me by mail or Jpay:
Brian Brooks #A746-695
P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, OH 45036


Brian Brooks
DOC #A746-695


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