Lawon Haley


The power of hatred in our culture/community is CRAZY!….one of the reasons why we can’t have anything amongst one another,unity only benefits when its time to kill each other…what a waste of a beautiful heritage,time and or passionate human being with a vision worth waiting for while its developing into a strong wrath of light!…a sheet of paper soaked in chemical, the new flow of white demon poison for the youth in prison…one hit can give you a ride of your life,causing you to see things that aren’t there,feel things that isn’t on your body so it forces them to instantly strip naked in front of everybody as if their alone in a room..screaming and shouting for help while the sweat runs down their faces as the substance tells them what to do..PCP maybe? ROACH SPRAY?…BLEACH?, or is it GLUE..? something that is being placed inside of the mice cage for all the mice to try,watching their own fall down in front of them (head snapped off)but still chase after it as if you didn’t just see multiple die in the process of fighting for the fake cheese….a science project that nobody is aware of,only the smart mouse is lead into another maze of traps and obstacles to see if he or she is intelligent enough to survive and out think the lack of knowing…

relentless building makes the body run away from the mind, leaving it to function on its own without structure or life to move in the righteous direction..the music,magazines and or television is selling all the dope to the blind,deaf and dumb….I WANT MORE!! is being yelled out as I walk past,unseen by the eyes of the vultures who seek prey to join the madness…feed us the food you used to survive this crazy world,my words carry as I look up for help….we need help with the things that comes from the dirt,quick sand!!…that only lives in the community of the hunted…(the easy way out)..

will freedom ever come for those who understand the real meaning of life, its road blocks thats been pressing us into poverty since shackles were clamped on ankles and the black iron ball dragged not too far behind…road call for the masters have converted other blacks, male & female to become one of their own in manipulating the poor,or those who are not educated enough to fully comprehen to the reality of being brain washed into a life of being wayyy worse then they were toward us…

the problem is….we still walk around with our heads down every time we see a white person as if its the old days,
(and your afraid)..but later quick to happy dance for them like a good boy and be hung the same when their done using you…consequences isn’t nothing to be scared of when its something you believe in,folding under a pressure that has never been strong is never an option!
open your eyes and mind people!!…

Lawon Haley
DOC #A487-916


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