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Introduction Blog, by Chad Barnette

hi my name is chad barnette and I’m 34yrs of age.I’m currently serving an 85yr sentence for crimes I didn’t commit.I was wrongfully convicted at the age of 16,and tooken away from my family to only start a new life in a place that was very unfamiliar to me..since my incarceration I was able to transition from a boy to a man,in doing so I was able to redefine myself and learn things about myself that made me a better of the many things I discovered about myself was my ability to articulate myself through my words and express my inner thoughts to those who’s willing to listen. so if I can share with yall of what I think the word (liberty,) means to me I hope I can inspire someone else on what they think the word (liberty) means to them.
the word liberty to me means being able to be free and not be confine to anyone limitations or also means having the ability to reach your fullest potential and overcome any obstacle or hardship that’s thrown your I sit here as a man of innocence that’s trying very hard to abtain his freedom back I came to the realization that when a person becomes incarcerated he no longer has his (liberty)but instead is confine to his ability to function as a productive member of society.yeah they may have stripped me of my (liberty) in a physical aspect..but mentally my mind is until liberation is won and I’m back with my family, liberty to me can only mean you free in your mind.but physically you traped.. thank you for your time. if you have any comments or if you would like to share what you think liberty means to can reach at the below above, or the most convenient way is to sign up for (jpay)
live and direct.(chad)

Chad Barnette #424-293
po box 45699(socf)
lucasvill,Ohio 45699

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