THE CONVERSATION Part III, by Piankhi Grimes

Peace!! As you’ve read in the first two parts of this series, knowing how to relate to others is the key to a successful relationship. And getting to know someone requires communication, interaction, and observation. Over a period of Time you will begin to see their habits of Mind,patterns of behavior and other characteristics and traits to help you determine whether or not they are a suitable mate.You know,the things you may or may not like about that person.I think a lot of people go wrong because they try to model their relationship after someone else’s, like a celebrity for instance. When it should be tailor made to fit the individuals affected by it. As Nature teaches Us.Relationships are classified by one of these three classifications. Symbiotic, Commensal, or Parasitic.A commensal relationship is one in which one person obtains resources and other benefits without damaging the other.Symbiotic is more of a cooperative relationship in which both mutually benefits. And parasitic is as the word suggest a relationship where one person benefits but,its to the detriment of the other.So stop and consider for a moment. For those who are in a relationship, according to this criteria. How would you classify your relationship?To conclude this series and to help the reader better relate to me.I deem it necessary to give you the meaning behind the name I chose for myself to define me.Supreme Jewel.Some people here this and assume I’m some arrogant or conceited know it all.So far from the Truth,I’m actually a humble student in the university of life.The science behind my name reveal the Divine reality of Man,Woman,and Child.As the Mind is the Most High(Supreme) plane of existence (some may disagree) and it is this innate Jewel that truly causes Man,Woman,and Child to shine.A priceless possession that should be valued by all.Well, willfully y’all enjoyed my series on Relationships.I look forward to any feedback or questions. Peace

Piankhi Grimes
DOC #A614067

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