LIFE WITH PATRICK (Volume 1; Blog 5), by Patrick O. Stokes

It has been a while. I don’t have the stamps to blog more often but today is a day that I just need to vent.

I am missing my heart big time. His initials are JB. He is 6 feet tall, about 185 pounds, brown skinned, the most gorgeous smile ever, 39 years old, and he has the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life. I mean his dick is the length of my arm from wrist to elbow and pretty much the same width. That could be why he’s my heart, because that dick has me gone over him, but I do love him very much (that dick).

Anyway, JB and I were together at Warren Correctional Inst. in Ohio for 7 years. I was the first gay guy he ever messed with. We fell in love and for 4 years, we had a good life together, until I starting pursuing my passion of The Long-Term Offenders’ Organization. He felt I was neglecting him. He told me as much, and I told him that he needed to support me as I pursue a purpose while serving LIFE in prison. Not many people in this place are pursuing positive goals. I told him he needs to find a goal of his own. Unfortunately he did. My best friend Lil’ Johnnie!

I was crushed. I did not know that I was so gone over JB. I tried to get him to leave Johnnie alone and I beat Johnnie up every chance I could get, but JB fell in love with Johnnie and out of love with me, and I didn’t know what to do.

Prior to that, I wasn’t great at taking all that dick he had. I mean, it was a monster. At best, I took the head and jacked the shaft until he came, but when he told me that Johnnie was taking the whole thing? First, I beat Johnnie’s ass again, one good time, then I got JB over to my cell and I took every inch of that monster like a champ. I was proud of myself. When we were done, I told him he had to choose between me and Johnnie. Do you know he chose Johnnie.

That was about five years ago. He and Johnnie did their thing and I lost my fucking soul for a while but JB came back to me and we mended our relationship. However, in 2015, I got my status dropped and got sent to another camp and he got involved in some gang activity and got sent somewhere else. We said we’d stay in touch until we could get to the same camp. We did for two years but I have not heard from him in almost a year. I have written a number if letters but he won’t write back. I hurt over the possibility that he may be with someone else because I love him (and that dick) more than I can bear. I have been thinking about him like crazy lately. I know I sound pitiful but there is so much more to our story than this blog has told. So many life lessons for the both of us and he is a good dude. I am about to write him again because I just can’t shake him, or is it that dick? I really do wonder, but I am going to try until I get over him. I haven’t seen him in over 3 years. What do I do? Just needed to vent!

Write me: Patrick O. Stokes #331-308 @ Give me some advice or share your story about the monster that you can’t get over.

Patrick O. Stokes
DOC #331-308

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