Antonio Powell

Introduction Blog, by Antonio Powell

My Name is Antonio Powell I am 22years of age My Original release date is Feb. 20 2043,,,,Even through the darkest of times I manage to strive towards the higher meaning of life because I was giving a second chance at life after being shot 13x I still prospered,,,,,I’ve been told I’m advance for my age and I also would like to think so myself I was just put in a situation to better myself and Elevate my mental stability so I’m going to continue to do so but very well I prefer being called “Tonee” and with all that I would like to say I am not a Product Of My Environment but yet My Environment is a Product of Me thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to Voice My Beautiful Struggle

Contact info:

Antonio Powell #750-160 //Jpay info also
Instagram: ToneeBenjii
Institution: Southern Ohio Correctional Facility
P.o.Box 45699 Lucasville,Ohio 45699

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