Lawon Haley


the term (NIGGA)..
the slag word that black men use when speaking to another brother or sister, when in all truth we dnt have the proper english to say what it is we really mean as black men,we are CALLING each other NIGGER!…as the white slave owners did in the oppression times..and still on this day the word is being spoken,because now the young white men are saying it as if its okay because they listen to the black race disrespect themselves daily..

the flip side of things is….you can expect a nigga to turn on you,snitch,rob,kill,and even fuck yo bitch when he has the chance to…that is what comes with that term of being a may be in some shit that you had nothing to do with,or didn’t have any knowledge of when dealing with a nigga….they don’t want to see you with anything,nor do they want you to grow in peace…no loyalty,no respect..

to be continued…

the term (BITCH)…a slag word that us as men call our black women,to feel as if we are in power…or to step on them the same way the system does us as a people…a bitch in slag term is a female who will set you up to get robbed, killed,and would fuck your homeboy the first chance she gets..also having no remorse while doing so, hell…she’ll introduce you to those she’s having relations with as if its her own cousin or brother, and neither of you will have a clue to what’s going on because your so busy paying her bills on one end, and getting pleasured on the other end…and as she does so she cleans up after herself to be sure of success…

the real profile of a man:

MAN: respect,honor,will,love,loyalty,principal, value,morals,protector,provider and preacher…
to stand firm on all ten toes,but will also get down on his hands and knees to crawl through the trenches if need be so the family survives an live well…a man speaks with strength and assurance,making the right decisions so that no harm can come near the ones he love…having the knowledge of knowing that he’s not the center of attention,but the reason for who lives or dies…the man treats his woman with the utmost respect no matter what’s going on,he uplifts her into another world of happiness that she and i has never experienced before..

the man tells HIMSELF the truth first…because lying to himself can only cause a big problem in the near future..not thinking things through,only viewing things from one side living for the now….

caring,loving,responsible, smart…etc.
the real reason why we’re on this earth! the one who carry themselves as geniuses while taking care of us and the whole household as if their the men…smh…but if you look deep into the word woman its telling you we are them and they are us…(wombman)you can expect your woman to be honest with you and eliminate all things that will hurt the family she cherish so much..invest when needed to benefit the furture instead of the now,delicately you handle their whole being…because that’s how they tell if your worthy enough to be the king of her castle….:-)

a woman thinks of one plan and turns it into 10 plans…why? because she looked at it at all angles, flipped it inside out and stretched it to make sure it isn’t anything else that she can make of it before she moves to another….

DOC #487-916


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