James Torbert III

Doing Just Fine, by James Torbert III

I sit an think an wonder sometimes how 2 people generally come across each other an its just that’s simple they click. no matter if it works out or it doesn’t workout something drew them together… I’m not just speaking on the relationship between a man an a woman, I’m talkin about friends, family, an the business world… its seems like loyalty, honesty, an strength aren’t good qualities anymore? laughter is the key I guess, but whatever that something is i don’t have but I’m doin just fine. I’ve been doing time since I was 19 an now I’m 33 an on my way home I don’t have any friends other than the few I met in prison nor a family to really take care of me. I do have a son that loves me an a mother who loves me aswelll an they have been waiting a long time to see me free. an even though i don’t have much compared to some but I have something an to me it feels like everything, everything I will ever need. I’m just glad to have what I have BC with time I can build so much more so with being said I’m doing just fine… thanks for listening have a blessed day…

James H. Torbert III
DOC #a600-993


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