Change, by Stephon Davis

Sometimes when you change it for the better.Its for a reason , you have something better in mind.You know need something for yourself.Even if you have to leave those you grew up with behind , might as well say you out grew them. Some people dont want to grow up, and accept the fact that i chose to grow without them. I feel like by leaving them alone. I made myself better. Changing I get a second chance.I get another chance to do better to be greater than what I was.I want to be the King in the Kingdom , so I have to act like a King.I can never forget about the bad times.Because that’s what made me change That’s what made me stronger mentally. That’s what make me move forward , push even harder because I know I can be greater. we all can we just have to push we just have to really want it.And stay dedicated when that change come your way.

Stephon Davis
DOC #687701

Categories: change, Stephon Davis

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