Shaheed James

by Shaheed James

“I was moved by the very spirited message delivered by Del. Bell Monday at the General Assembly.While I admire his passion to protect the publics interest it must be cautioned that we are expected to make decisions based on intellect and not emotions.Martin Luther King Jr did an incredible job of awakening those passionate people to their conscious.The elderly woman that we all know as Rosa Parks was simply tired and wanted to rest so she sat down at the nearest available seat.Those young adults who sat at the counter to get a bite to eat were simply hungry.Those kids who sought a education were mobbed by passionate people with Confederate flags intimidating them from attending those schools so much so that the white kids all exitted the classrooms leaving them to be taught alone in the entire school for over a year.How does this tie in to this issue you might ask?Those who opposed HB1689 were spirited in there stance but was it intellect exercised in there decision?Noone is in denial that these are some dangerous criminals but there is no debate that their sentences are unlawful so in our passions are we setting the progression of this beloved state back by looking the other way?This is the equivalent of an entire party seeing a law enforcement officer plant drugs on a criminal and looking the other way solely because he is a criminal.Those people during MLK’s time were forced to awaken their conscious.Yes these people were different than them but the acts against them were immoral and beneath there honorable stature to continue responding to their emotions and abandone their intellect.No one is asking that these defendants be given the expensive task of transferring them all to there respective Court houses where a jury and witnesses would be called to re- sentence them.They are seeking Parole rights extended to them as it is likely there Jurors assumed.It is impossible for all 400 or so will be Paroled but the board has a efficient evaluation technique in determining who has the best chance of being successful and it has been working and that cannot be denied.”

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PO Box 430
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