Albion Chryst

Spiritual Journal, by Albion Chryst

September 21, 2017

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? Like you are on a hidden TV show? Like something or someone knows everything you do and think? This awareness is your true self, the observer, the knower. This is the one who watches your thoughts and your body. You are so much more than you know as your body and mind.

Everything you think and feel, whether consciously or not, is being replayed to you as your life outside of your body. The reality you live in does not see things as good or bad, right or wrong, it just reflects. All of your fears and everything you love is being attracted to you. Conquer your fears and find the illusion they represent. Envelope a love for all people, and an understanding and peace in all things. This will produce an abundance in your life, this will reflect what you are seeking. It all begins with a change within and the change outside of you will mirror instantaneously. This is not an easy thing to do. So we see suffering and struggle all over the planet, because we learn through experience and we believe in fears. We can over come this world of negativity only by facing the light and dispelling the dark as imagination. A new world is upon us if we so choose to look.

Compassionate, Calm, Undrstanding, Playful,
Honest, Forgiving, Gentle, Joyful,
Kindness, Happy, Generous, Helpful.
What makes the day continue with ease
and bring to me life’s joys without sieze.
Who’s life will go on with comfort and bliss,
the one who neglects will blunder and hiss.
While all things come forth with beauty so true
I can’t tell the difference of yellow from blue.
So they ask ‘What’s the matter?
Can you not see the strife?’
Then I answer with laughter
‘Its only for apples just a little ol’ knife.’
An accident by nature, they never saw the truth
And they went on killing, forgetting their youth.
View from this place is always in order,
Don’t forget where you came from
A place without borders.
The time here has stopped,
Or never began,
You can’t quite well tell.
Keeping track is
Well really just a trend.
Just keep your eye out
Like the coffee just dropped,
The track was just ran,
Or the ring of the bell.
For you’ll know in the moment
You’ve always had a friend.
Nothing ever has
A beginning or end.
Trust in the way
As we all seem to go,
Just a small sway
And so off we now row.

Frustration with others is usually rooted in a belief that they should think and act as ourselves or as the role they play in our lives. While no one has had the same experience, this is an impossible expectation, for we all have different perceptions. Accepting the way others think and act, and learning from their behaviours, will help bring peace to daily life and avoid judgement.
Find love. In the little things in life, find love. In the hardships of life, find love. In the people you know, find love. In the strangers you pass, find love. In the good times and bad, find love. In the misunderstandings, find love. In the ones who have taken your trust, find love. In the ones who have hurt you, find love. In the world of confusion, find love. In the moment we pass by so easily, fine love.

See love. In the places that seem cold, see love. In the place where we run from, see love. Where there seems no hope, see love. Keeping the eyes of those who never knew, see love.

Once the pineal gland is open it is imperative to turn it inward. To use the pineal gland in an active state on the world is useless, judging, disecting with the intellect and inventing useless tools which your soul surely can not use after death. The purpose of opening and activating the pineal gland is to look within, to iron out imperfections of your character and become a better person, to heal the minds perceptions and see truth and knowledge.

The world outside of our small self is an effect of the cause of what is go in on within us, the world is a shadow of the spiritual essence of life. To try and rearrange the world to find peace and happiness is preposterous and absurd, for we are playing the role in creating the chaos and perception we find undesirable. The only true resolution is to change within to fix the problems without and find contentment in truth.

I am not this body, I can leave or stay. My thoughts create, they are the cause of my perception.

The Great Spirit manifests itself as the beings of earth and everything we see.

Mind manifests. The negativity you hold presents more unpleasantness. Forgive and let go of your unwanted creations. Let love flow to you at all costs, even by giving up your anger and judgements. It is all just here for a lesson, take it as a blessing.

It will come…
…where I need it
…when I need it
…how I need it
…in harmony
It will be…
…why I need it
…who I need
…what I need
…in harmony

Sometimes the questions are the answer

Albion Chryst
DOC #690741


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