Jermaine Moore

American Basterd, by Jermaine Moore

The air I breathe ain’t free, its got a price on it.The ultimate price,put your life on it.True justice we are still fighting for it.To be able to breathe easy we have to fight for it. Even when you’re right, they still leave your rights torched. Dam!!!! I can’t breathe, I’m choking, nearly breathless by this miscarriage of justice. Inhumane conditions,inequality in every facetted of life. This ain’t living, where is the oxygen. 2nd rate citizen on my way to 3rd…C.P.R. can’t revive me from this chokehold. A century later and we still experiencing the caged bird sad song… Only now its millions more forced to sing along…So if ignorance is a bliss, then we live in the most blissful nation.. Where we as a country refuse to see the rate of black Incarceration…Oxygen tank please, anyone, are we a nation of blindness. What happened to the kindness. Do we not see the cruelty. The way the police be pursuing me. A target in my own country.. To serve and protect, but its their service that I need protection from…From lynchings to unarmed brutal police killings. From runaway slaves to felons,Overseer to the police, slave master to government puppet master. Am I America’s basterd!!!

Jermaine Moore
DOC #689895

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