Douglas Howard

Introduction Blog, by Douglas Howard

My name is Douglas S. Howard, although most people call me Doug. My birthday is November 2, 1967. My intake date is June 1998 and current release date is Dec. 2024. I am a Christian; with Gods grace and help I hope to be a positive influence on others around me. I am a resident writer for P2P magazine, an offender written quarterly devotional written for those confined and for those in society, and is a ministry of Kairos Prison Ministry of Ohio. Additionally I have written a 31 day devotional based on the Book of Proverbs which can be found at:
I was born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia which is where I plan to return one day to take care of my mother , Loretta, who desperately needs me home.
I can be reached through JPAY, by emailing me at, or by writing me directly here at Nottoway:

Doug Howard #1051074
PO Box 488
Burkeville, Va 23922

I also have a Facebook presence as well under Douglas S. Howard.

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