Lawon Haley

Guilt/Reality, by LAWON HALEY

35yrs. of age?…yeah its deep isn’t it,I still look younger then I really am,its a blessing that I’ve been able to keep myself together and healthy, away from the parasites and germs of the world I live in at this moment,and wow its a infestation of all types…physically I’ve fought to prepare myself for the worst at all times,but also to continue moving toward Paradise which will be a greater life for me and mine…I’ve shed enough blood in the process of this struggle to play any games once I’m free from the belly of this beast…only I was my worse enemy in this time of building,breaking and battling,…. battling my own demons and skeletons, which are evil and things of the dead,plotting and following through with plans of take over and conquer…now how could a person get away from something like that so freely without being sucked back in by his or her owner….(Lucifer).. I’ve ate breakfast,lunch and dinner with this spirit of power,a power who neither of us knew until its around your throat like a vicious snake controlling your every move….the flow of my life was very easy,at least I thought so,everything was coming fast and how I wanted them to come,but I knew not who to follow,my real teachers were pushed off to the side by me,because I knew everything..when in all truth I knew nothing at all…so the result of the matter was be a puppet to something,someone,anyone who could give me what I thought I needed….love,affection,attention, guidance…etc. and it didn’t have to be the right kind either, because really…. I never knew what the real deal felt like anyhow…

or was it that I never tried receiving it when it was presented….? hard headed, disrepectful, childish..

DOC #A487-916


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