Albion Chryst

Spiritual Journal, by Albion Chryst

Our first teachers in life our mothers. In a world filled with busi-ness and rent due next month we tend to forget our real teachers. We wisk the children off the school or day care and get back to our so called seperate life. In reality it is all the same and the more we invest into our children the greater return we will see in there development throughout life. We look at our mothers as a symbol of universal love, a representation of mother earth our creator and home. For some this maybe still subconscious and when we miss our mother or she passes into a brighter place we hurt and that feeling comes from our association of the spiritual meaning of life. Everything is a representation of the whole as the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm and life plays out as a big drama of characters and places. These are fleeting moments in hind sight and life seems to go away as quickly as it came to return us to our eternal abode. The Mother Love and the Father Wisdom are universal truths we connect with on our path in life. We see these representations of the mother as our earth, our heart, our maternal parents and many other symbols throughout our life. When we connect with this Love we experience fulfilment and are taken back to our home. It is important to remember our roles in life to help remind those around us our true nature, Love. Living from the heart can connect us to life in more ways than imaginable and our true potential can flourish in our lives. The mother is our first teacher because she shows us the true path, the narrow path, we see our mothers as pure and loving as a natural perception at birth from the time we come into the world and first learn to drink her milk. She is our provider of life and as we grow she carries us though the stages of our life. Be mindful of your surroundings and your position in the lives around you, your impact and examples may mean the world to someone very close. With all my love to my mother, grandmother and loving wife

You can believe in conspiracy theories or what government officials tell you or what the news broadcasts as the truth about your reality, but if it is not a message of love uniting you with the universe what is the point? If it is only causing anxieties and worries and fears or filling our minds with useless junk why are we listening? Pay attention to what you feed your mind, is it helping your life is it content that is improving your perspective or making you more comfortable here on earth? This world is just a fast dream between birth and death, don’t be tricked by the fear. You are the most powerful being, machine, object, vessel on the planet feed your energy to yourself by finding love in the world and strengthening your heart. Our belief about the world shapes our reality and it is up to us what to focus on and choose for our perspective. The world is in truth unified but with our human perspective we see duality, in this duality we see good and evil the great illusion and if we are still living within the illusion why not focus on the good, the love, the happy. It is like changing your diet you can’t quit the junk food you love to taste so much because you are addicted, but over time you can remove one item and replace I with a other, remove the potato chips for banana chips, the pop for fruit juice and over time we can become addicted to health. In this metaphor we can change our perspective as well, instead of watching news we can look up inspiring stories on YouTube or the internet, instead of listening to the couple fight in the grocery store we can listen to the other couple having fun and laughing, instead of listening to why the mother is screaming at her child we can listen to the mother teaching her child about their surroundings. Everyday we focus on life and it is feeding us, what are you eating today, love or fear?

“Nobody can withdraw from the history of one’s people. One should know that the past may not be based on forgetting because otherwise it will come again and become present.”
-Jean Amery, 1975
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We are not alone. We are here to be tested against ourselves, ourself. How could we have been so silly? They are awaiting us to join them. They are begging us to wake up and fly away. I came back to tell you. Forgive them, forgive yourself. Wake up and fly!

Give up selfishness and share. Give up fear and love. Give up and give in.

The universe watches as we waste our time but it is not their time, they have no time. They want us to love and regain our power that we gave away. They want us to reclaim our throne in the universe. We just need to start listening. Not listen to the TV or the billboards or the things that keep us in the dream. They want us to listen to the signs, the patterns, the love that tells us what to do. We are the only ones who can free ourselves from the bondage we put ourselves in, free yourself. You have the key to your freedom.

What do you love most about life in one or two words? This can be tangible or intangible. It could be an idea, a feeling, a place, a person in your life. Be mindful of all experiences and feelings.

We live in a simulation of life. We make mistakes and they cause suffering as a result. When we learn the correct way to live and think we will end suffering. At this point we realize we have lived in heaven the whole time. We have just had the free will to find it or live apart from it. We are all headed in the same direction, love. The people around us are making the journey too. There is no need be mad at their mistakes or our own, it is the reason we are here. We can move slow in learning and find the answer in every situation or we can move fast and see the big picture of being loving to all. Our mistakes in mind can be just as useful as our mistakes in the world. We must learn to walk, talk and think on the path of love to find heaven. Be love.

Albion Chryst
DOC #690741


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