Ali Jabbaar

My Prayer, by Ali Ace Jabbaar

Lord Heal me completely and not discreetly
Let it show in the eyes of others, so I can lead my brothers.
My own ways have led me astray.
I plead to make the devil leave. I need You to stay.
Face down on my knees, to You, I pray
For strength to face the troubles of tomorrow I let in yesterday.
Forgive me. I stayed for way too long in one stage.
Though I may have in years, my mind never aged.
I’m not afraid to speak out.
Cause I know when I cry, You hear me out.
I know I need You when I’m in trouble.
I need you even when my kids are happy blowing bubbles.
A revelation acquired!
The old me is retired.
Unnecessary hardships and many sins transpired
For me to take heed that the devil is a liar.
I’m only human.
I could’ve breathed my last breath.
Times when I didn’t do Right, You never Left.
So everyday and night before I lay to rest,
I thank You for life until I see You in death. Amen

Ali Jabbaar
DOC #623086

Categories: Ali Jabbaar, poems

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