Johnnie Harris

Comedy (part 3), by Johnnie Harris

hey I’m very emotional right now, its been 5yrs since I lost little Timmy. little Timmy was my pet guinea pig. see I’m emotional cause I’m eating some vanilla wafers that was little Timmy’s favorite snack. here’s how I lost little timmy,give me a few seconds its deep. OK me and little Timmy was spending some quality time together eating vanilla wafers. I didn’t know the door was open,so any ways I put little Timmy on the floor with a vanilla wafer so I could grab us a movie when I came back little Timmy was half way down the stairs,he didn’t even make it off the side walk. 2 squirrels rolled up on skate boards and jumped him,by the time I made it to him it was to late,little Timmy last words to me was he a see me on the other side and bring some vanilla wafers then he threw up the piece sign before he past out. unconscious. I called the ambulance but it was nothing I could do he died from a major head concussion. so every time the day come when little Timmy was killed I eat a bag of vanilla wafers and watch forest gump that was his favorite movie. we buried little Timmy with a whole bag and a special edition of forest gump, and a pair of jordans.

Johnnie Harris
DOC #664626

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