Melissa Russell

Introduction Blog, by Melissa Russell

Hi my name is Melissa Russell.I am 37 y/o woman. I was arrested August 2017 for GTA.My earliest possible release date is March2020. Although I am earning more time off with each milestone earned. I am making the best of a bad situation. This is not the first term I have done but it will be the last. I enjoy working on cars with my dad .I like racing.I just enjoy life!!! šŸ™‚
I feel I’m a kick back person who enjoys the finer things in life and yet I also love to dress down and take it easy.I like to listen to music usually R and B.
There are plenty more things to know about me,but if I tell you them all now,what mystery would that be? šŸ™‚
I would love to have pen-pals to connect with people to up lift. šŸ™‚
Well,thank you for the oppertunity to share a little about myself.I look forward to writing more and hopefully hearing from others.

Melissa Russell
DOC #WF8521


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