John Hudson

HOLD ON, by John Hudson

G’mornin World,
Welcome to my first official blog! i would like to start off by saying thanks for taking the time out to read this! If not for Mrs. Suzie Jennings this would not be possible so in any way we can help it would be greatly appreciated!!
So ive pondered for 2 days on what i wanted my first blog to consist of and i figured since my mother is the center of my whole world i would send you the song i just wrote for her!

HOLD ON by John Hudson

(hook) Hold on just a little bit longer
Hold on it’ll be okay
Hold on just a little bit longer
Hold on we’re gonna find a way
i know thru out my life our relationship was shifty
Not the one to place the blame but lets just say its 50/50
Just know that you did your best in making me who i am
Im sorry i let you down and im hoping you can forgive me
Ever since they gave me life you have been here by my side
You have been my #1 you have been my ride or die
When i cry you use your thumb to remove the tears from my eyes
We sit at visits and we laugh reminiscing bout old times
I think of all the stress i caused, think of all the hurt i’ve done
Show off all our visits pictures, you tell your friends “yeah thats my son
No matter how much he may grow he will always be my baby
Cant for the life to come to think how in the hell i can repay you
Been a minute since ive left and i aint talkin 60 seconds
Last 10 years have been a struggle and i lived my life more reckless
Now i live like theres a purpose you can see just how im steppin
Thank the Lord im still alive you can see him on my neckless
Count my blessings and my curses both made my mind much stronger
With you mama by my side i know i’ll make it thru the darkness
No one really knows what dark is til when they lose their eyesight
Tho im blinded by the pain i dont ever give up i fight
Your my world my heart my soul, reason i breath and why my heart beat
I’ll be damned to hell forever if i let God take you from me
We must keep the faith to win the race, the strive will make us stronger
All i ask is that you never change and hold tight a little longer
(hook) 2X

John Hudson
DOC #572-824

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