Terry Wardlow

by Terry Wardlow

If you have to doubt or second guess a person can they still be considered a friend?
to me if i have to second guess or doubt the person i have around me he or she cant be a friend.Why? A friend is a person who one KNOWS,LIKES, and TRUST.A person who one is allied with in a struggle or cause.To know you is to have knowledge,i know-your-ledge and where you stand and what will push you over the edge.To like means you are my preference,i prefer to have you in my cipher.To trust-I trust everyone around me to be who they showing me,i trust you to be that.Secong guess or doubt is distrust,i disbelieve in you.So i can never look at you as a friend.If i got to wonder will you do this or that,will you betray me,steal from me,or e.t.c. then i know i dont need to be around you.Friendship suppose to be based on goodness.Good means:to have positive qualities,good means:safe, so doubt and second guessing is the opposite.Do you agree or disagree? Contact info:

Warren corr inst.
po box 120
Lebanon ohio 45036

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