Peter Kenney

TURNING 35, by Peter Kenney

So many years have passed me by…. So many wasted…. So many years….. Not anymore!!!!!! Pure focus on what needs to be done…. The fight and struggle to get home is real…. An to be honest I’m not fully prepared for the fight ahead of me…. Its not a fair fight be any means…. NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!!!! An its not only my fight…. There a soooo many of us…. (juveniles convicted as adults) … I’m fighting for those before me, and those after… We dont have a voice, so we use every platform possible… FACEBOOK, INMATE BLOGGER, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS!!!!! We need the help of many advocates…. We can’t do it alone…..

So many of us are denied many things you’d think a child would have in are favor!!!!! Do you think I as a 14 year old child, should be treated in the same fashion as a 40 year old man when it comes to being convicted of a crime???? You think a childs state of mind or understanding of the world is anywhere near a grown mans??? The law in Ohio sure does…. The only difference for children is we can’t be sentenced to death… But we can def be sentenced to see a parole board who will keep giving us multiple “FLOPS”…. For those that don’t know what a flop is… Its time till they come back to see you…. An they come In 5 and 10 year flops!!!!! Now many people In the free world think their giving us more time…. But no!!!! The parole board doesnt have the authority to give you time…. I’ll explain…..
I was sentenced to serve LIFE with a chance for parole after 33 years…. Now what that means is I’m doing. LIFE…. But after 33 years I’ll be put in front of a board of people who don’t know me, just what they see on paper…. Now they have the power to show me mercy and release me from prison, or they can just say no… We’ll check in on you in 10 years…. An its all done via teleconference… So impersonal for life altering decisions, ya know???? They are trained not to show you any mercy…. And they have a person there is call a “VICTIMS ADVOCATE”, which is naturally a vote NO!!!!! So before you step in there your down one…. They claim to not sentence us to death as juveniles, but what does that mean…. You can lock me up from 17 till I’m 60???? Is that not a lifetime…. By that time my life is over…. And god forbid you don’t have anyone there when you do get released!!!! No where to go… No one to help you adapted back into society!!!!! This happens frequently….. SAD…..
I’ve never had a real job…. Never had a drivers lisence…. Never paid taxes…. Never entered into a contract of any kind…. Couldn’t buy cigarettes or beer…. But the judicial system thought I was fit to be put in prison for a lifetime…. WTF???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? How long you wanna keep me here???? Till I’ve learned my lesson??? Till I paid for what I’ve done???? Well how long does that take???? Cause I’ve def learned my lesson…… I’m truly sorry for what I done….
I’m blessed to have a family and a amazing woman who got my back…. And are ready to take on this fight with me… Not gonna be easy, for sure…. Especially cause none of us have the means to hirer the best of lawyers to get me the best chance to get fair treatment in the Court….. Sadly that’s just the way our judicial system is set up!!!!! Only moves for the money…. The rest of us get fucked…. 😦 But still laying down and giving up is not an option….. Sadly I’m not very sauvey when it comes to the law and how to fight it…. Its crazy they have many programs and classes for us to take, but none to teach us how to understand law and how to fight the system… Why???? Cause they are scared of what some may learn……
I know all this sounds discouraging and it truly is…. Its designed this way…..
But I’m done being quiet about it….. “WE” all need to speak up!!!!! Its wrong…. And the only way its gonna reach the ears of those it needs to, is when its coming from voters!!!!! Cause to these politicians, those are the only ones that matter!!!!!!

So I can promise you… My fight is turning up!!!!! I’m tired of these people doing whatever they please to children who are misguided…. Who have a hard childhood, and make a huge mistake or bad decision that costs them more then their youth….


Peter Kenney
DOC #421-491

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