If you Only Know! by Leslie Harris

You are one of the most beautiful woman in the world to me..God has truly bless me by sending you into my life..No other woman can compare the love you have offer me..YOu a very unquie ..I love that about you…Out of our greatest rejection comes our greatest direction..YOur dreams are in my heart and bigger than the enviroment in which i find myself now..No distance can keep our love apart…We going to gave our dreams a new begining.(You and I) Hand and Hand..Together we can over come anything and everything..I can not change the past,but i can do something about the future..You help me to become a better me each and everyday that passes by..Im truly thankful for you believing in me and inspiring me to greater things.YOur love,friendship,and your kind,gentle spirit makes living worth wild…I would not be who i am without you..I respect you,I admire you, and look forward to spending the rest of my life with you…YOu also amaze me with all the wisdom ,your insight and your talent means the most to me…I will always treasure the times we share together…Im so proud of you..Always keep that beautiful smile for me…
I love you Trashawn D.Wilson for the bottom of my heart..Ill gave you my last breath if it matters…Its always going to be us forever in this life and the after life 2…SORRY 4 EVERYTHING..YOUR THE ONLY WOMAN MY HEART BEATS FOR…

Leslie Harris
DOC #599747


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