Shawn Lemon

Dilemma, by Shawn Lemon

So many Zero’s do I conform or do I rebel? Right now I’m broke,but not Broken.Imagion a Man that Knows how to live life on its terms,however at the moment only surviving. Dilemma. A Zero is suppose to be Infinite,but the pain,problems,and betrayal seems Indefinite. Bank account at Zero,bills have Zero’s ,people who genuinely love us in here at Zero, and we keep Looking at outside sources or celebrities as Heroes. Want to run up that Check ,but constantly in Debt.Kids who’re in sports,can’t receive No support .Not a Hug before the game or cheering during.The Truth is like a Reflection. Now the “”New Others”” are the Muslims,Mexicans,Felons,Foreigners. The Unconscious bitterness and victims of Broken Promises.The fact is,there’s only 2 types of Law, Just & Unjust,so Why do groups make life so Complicated. Make up’s then back to Break up’s resulting in another mouth to feed,Silent tears to a Dilemma. Peace & Blessing ( Abdus – Saleem)

Shawn N. Lemon
DOC #465-851


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