Albion Chryst

Spiritual Journal, by Albion Chryst

We live in the 3rd dimension of our universe. This place is somewhat of a dream, an illusion, a world of mirrors. It is always changing, through birth, growth, death and decay. It can be said that this place is not real because nothing lasts, nothing is permanent. It is kind of a hologram of the higher dimensions. This dimension manifests our inner self through what we perceive as time and shows us our relationship to the universe. The goal of the third dimension is to teach us Unity Consciousness. Here we are stuck on earth as a training ground so we do not destroy the universe.

We also exist, temporarily in the 4th dimension when we sleep or when we die, and some of us can go there when we astral project. This is a closer place to the Real, but it is not physical. It contains the ideas of the higher dimensions but it’s reality is similar to our 3rd dimension, only different in the things it lacks in reality. This place is timeless and shadows do not exist like our world of light and dark. When we have inner exeriences in this dimension things happen instantly, there is no delay like on the lower dimension.

When we evolve to the 5th dimension we take the experience of the 3rd and 4th to understands it’s dimensions. It is a place in the physical realm where we perform our abilities of the 4th dimension. It is a mergence of the two. This dimension is always light, we sustain our bodies indefinitely and the laws of our physics are changed in the way we normally perceive them. We can be born here or evolve from the 3rd dimension through understanding this higher reality through Unity Consciousness. Once entered we can leave the planet and travel the universe at will. Knowing Unity we will not destroy the universe with our will and thoughts.

What a beautiful life to see myself in so many different forms and faces. How beautiful we are as one being. I am thankful for you all, thank you for being here with me to learn about who and what we are. This world must be a loving place to bestow such wonder into our lives. Thank you, the disguised blessings are the best gifts. Thank you for everything. Thank you.

“All things are within the heart,
The home of the self.
Outside there is nothing.
Those who look outside themselves
Are left wandering in doubt.”
-Guru Arjun

The Universe does not see good and bad. These are concepts seen by the human consciousness. We label things that we see as good or bad but do not understand what we are saying because to another this may not be true. The Universe operates as one. The Universe teaches us lessons through its principles. We need these experiences to learn about how these principles work. Whether we are good or bad in each others minds makes no correlation to reality. Some must be good and some must be bad. In reality they are misperceptions of how we each learn the Universal truths in our lives. No one is good or bad, nothing is good or bad, it just is. The lessons we learn are perfect because the Universe teaches us perfectly. We are the way we are supposed to be because it is what we need to experience to learn. Judgement is of the human mind not the Universe.

Love creates and fear, or lack of love, destroys to be reborn. It is in perfect union and without need of change. As we love and create we notice our union with the Universe and help it to build. As we fear we destroy parts of the Universe so it can be rebuilt. It is exactly aligned with its purpose. It is always moving toward a perfect harmony. Judgement is a type of fear created by man who fears himself. Understanding is a type of love which embraces difference which has seen polarity meet in union.

The ripples of our soul are beginning to settle and smoothen as we live here. We have come to build and enhance our frequencies. We saw the dazzle of a new place and came down to learn all it has to show us. We longed for this place to know difference and understand its union. This is the way we learn new things. We explore and look for ourselves. We gain knowledge through our experiences by following wonder and curiosity. We are drawn to energies unknown to know them. We love because it is our nature to love. We learn because it is our nature to learn.

The beings on earth are awakening. The time we are experiencing is a ripening. Beings are coming down to enlighten the human race. The rebirth of mankind is happening as we speak. Through the channels of our being we are listening to the universe. We are connecting to everything at this point.

A child who touches fire and burns their hand feels pain and learns not to touch the flame. A child who touches fire, burns their hand, and does not learn but continues to touch the flame is noticed to have some mental handicap and is cared for especially close. We do not become angry with the latter for we know this child must be kept safe from its illogical behavior.

Love connects us intimately through unseen channels of energy to unite as one. The infinite ecstacy of oneness envelopes your consciousness producing vibrant waves of iridescent bursts into the web of creation. Helping love connects our minds into the field of eternal existence bringing new growth to magnificent masterpieces within the universe. Joining integral intuition creates intelligence beyond comprehension to foresee unimaginable futures that have been waiting in the inestimable infinite presence. Open wonderful pathways of blissful awareness into your life force, become the blinding light which the healing of the world awaits.

Albion Chryst
DOC #690741


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