Matthew Newton

A Journey to Discover Truth: (The Favor), by Matthew L Newton

Mankind makes habit out of of anything availible. A garden, oversewn yet yielding. A suitcase, always packed but staying put. Some would say that from our inner most complexes spring the desires that drive us, or just the need to be more then we are at all times. Yet we continue the old ways in an effort to make more out of what we used to have as well.

Be Responsible by Showing Compassion.

Take the train home, or the bus or a lift or a cab, however you do not on the regular travel do so instead to see what I mean. Look. Listen. See the tempreture of those lingering around you. Those far flung souless saviors or frost bitten followers of Dis. Make for them the move to discover and for you a sampling twist.
See the lady with the lost expression, and not because she is dull, yet rather for her the day is now over and on to a hundred she swirls.

See there, those leapored skinned oozing of lustful sack tricks that may to you approach, take back the method you mentioned before less the feeling become the reproach.

What is, is that you are the cipher, a sender, a calmer, a clam. You can now reach, far out of your shell to taste whats before you, understand it as well. So share, dear reader the mission so close. Show that you now know the meaning of most. Soak it all in and give back to the needed. Or at least make a lesson to those whom may feed it.

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868

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