Shara Cooper

An Awakening! by Shara Cooper

After having traveled this road for so long I lost sight of me. Clouded by the pressures of incarceration that indeed has greatly impacted me.
I have become hidden in a silent suffering with weights heavy upon my shoulders. Weights that I have been forced to carry all alone.
I have transformed into one so tense, recluse, and uptight even when I thought I was living free.
The years of a thousand rules obviously has undoubtedly burdened me.
A burden not for my betterment or a just cause such as rehabilitation.
No, a burden intended for merciless suffering and ill care.
How I have been so blind to not realize the tension upon my mind.
How ignorant to not know of the load upon my shoulders that weighed me down year after year.

It only takes a moment in time to have an awakening. An awakening that has the potential to change everything.
Truly, many have given up to the purpose of the pressure of incarceration.
Many have lost the will to believe or even desire to live free.

Not so with this girl!
In choosing to keep believing, in choosing to keep living, an awakening has come on this very fateful day.
An awakening that brings about a breaking and loosing of the pressures that were designed to destroy me.
I can feel my shoulders relaxing as the weights and burdens revealed are falling off of me.
Yes, still physically incarcerated.
However, relaxing now and experiencing a new level of peace as the pressures, burdens, and weights have been exposed.
Even if it may be just temporary… This awakening has greatly benefitted me to once again live free.
Better yet, temporary is not an option as I keep living and believing.
No, this awakening will forever beautifully change me!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560


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  1. Well written and a pleasure to read. Your words can be an inspiration even for those who have never had the burden of living behind steel.
    I am most impressed and look forward to more.


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