Albion Chryst

Spiritual Journal, by Albion Chryst

January 1, 2019 coming home

Perception is futile. We are always attracting abundance, the exact abundance we desire and nothing less. We are always moving toward our dreams, building heaven on earth. We think and we attract what we think we are worthy of. What are you worthy of? Are we worthy of heaven? Are we worthy of abundance? Do you think this? You are a child of the universe, worthy of every bounty it beholds. Extended with arms open is the entire world. Are you willing to say yes? Are you willing to forgive yourself and say yes? These thoughts will open the doors of the world of heaven. We must accept that the universe has forgiven us and at any point will hand us the world. You are worthy of abundance unlimited. You are only limited by what you believe you are worthy of. Show our mother you are willing to accept her gifts by changing your mind, and she will bestow everything to you in an instant. Remember your rightful place on earth and forgive the illusions of the past and enter the eternal presence for infinite presents from the creator, she loves you. You could never tarnish your image to your mother, she sees you in the truth of your sinlessness. She will welcome you with open arms the instant you forgive yourself and come home. She just wants to be home with you and give you everything you want. When we experience this we will be free from the dream we were living in and remember who we are.

Protection only comes from the most high. It is only that in which we ask that we receive. Defense receives attack. We ask by our being and we receive accordingly. My thoughts feelings and actions receive the fruits of its being. I am strength love freedom and faith these qualities reflect in the world around me. Magnetism brings me what I am looking for because I am asking for it, nothing is outside of this universal law. I am comforted in faith because I know the illusion is in perfect order. The most high will teach me what I need in the moment, my discernment and perseverance will show me my lessons to grow further.

Green Pharmacy by Barbara Griggs

There is a state of being in which you perceive everyone living within their own illusion. You snap out of the dream and everything becomes clear. Everything you hear from another is a reflection of their inner belief about themselves. When you hear someone angry, the words you hear are talking solely about themselves. In this state you become blissful. Anything hostile directed toward you is understood as a discomfort with themselves. This places you in a position to want to help. This state of being wants you to pull the others out of their dream and into the blissful reality. Once we can overcome these constrictions which produce our perspective we are instantaneously healed. All mental and physical infirmities are healed. We enter an island of serenity and are impulsed to bring the drifters to our paradise. Until we surpass our self we cannot see past our illusions and stay in our world of mirrors.
Once this is recognized the truth is revealed to us. Self forgiveness lies at the root of this healing. The guilt we have perceived in ourselves, no matter how small or large, is what is being perceived in our surrounding. Once we break free of this and open our energies to the world we become unlimited. We are not our mind and body which we perceive. We just stay in the mind in body. When we can release from this illusion we are freed from our prison. The guilt we hold on ourselves and others traps us into being our body and mind. This guilt creates a bond which we cannot perceive. The learning mechanism of the world shows us our guilt in others until we finally release ourselves. We are all here learning the same forgiveness. Some of us take longer than others to release. The energy we hold in our guilt must be countered by an equal energy of perception to forgive. We do not have to go through this process if we learn to accept forgiveness and release from our hold. We can learn to free ourselves this instant if we want.

I am a human being.
I need love and affection everyday.
I am a human being.
I need fresh food and clean water everyday.
I am a human being.
I need sunlight and clean air everyday.
I am a human being.
I need to have the ability to feel safe.
I am a human being.
I need to be free to make my own choices.
I am a human being.
I need the opportunity to feel happy.
I am a human being.
I need to have space to feel comfortable.
I am a human being.
I need responsibilities to feel self worth.
I am a human being

You think people work for money. You think thy go to work and get paid by their labor. The truth is that money is energy. Money is attracted to us or repelled from us. Our belief about what money is, is what allows us to accept or deny it. If money is evil, used for bad deeds, in our minds, we will block it from coming to us. If money is seen as a tool to help, we will open the channels in which it will flow to us, if we have the aspirations to help, with its use. Our energy of happiness must be open to receive, in all aspects of our lives as well. Enjoyment, happiness, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, and desire for all love’s emotions must flow freely within us to attract abundance.

Eat live natural foods. Wake and sleep with the rise and fall of the sun. Get plenty of fresh air and clean water. Love and laugh, be happy. Meditate. Move around, stretch, get exercise. Live life to the fullest. Do not hold back. Listen to you and move forward.

Albion Chryst
DOC #690741


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