Sean Brown

Lifetime Warranty, by Sean Brown

There is no failure for the human Soul
Because Redemption is a built-in Warranty guaranteed to bring Us back from the brink of that bottomless hole.
It doesn’t matter what You’ve been told nor the grim stories You’ve been sold,
The success rate of all achievements in direct proportion to the practicality of Your goals.
So when it’s all said & done, after the storm has cleared,
Learning what not to do, or ever repeat again, is just as important as being properly prepared.
“Damn I’m such a loser!Nothing ever goes right!”
Repeat that enough times & it’s all that’ll ever fill Your sight.
No need to look up @ the sky searching the clouds for signs,
Just gaze within & the Spirit of the Most High will Guide You through the times.
Success is measured by one’s ability to maintain Peace within no matter what occurs,
Along with constant Self-Improvement progressing towards objectives, & No Retreat No Surrender!

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630


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