Promises, by NEKRUMAH REID

N.Reid #1492548
Age 36
Poem Title: Promises

We make them and break them, fimd comfort in many, specifying down to detail, hanging and dragging every word to be heard, clenching on shots of hope, simultaneously our brain taking notes, trying so hard not to believe there all lies, but given dreams a tunnel, in reach we see theres sunlight, temporarily in shock, what we seen pushed out of sight, designated for a time just as such, consequences for taking on so much, a distracting heart break intesitied ready to erupt, doors open but closed, suddently froze shut, bridges burnt, some to be rebuilt butbcant be crossed, amputated at the legs, all communacations cut off, a suvivor of a deadly game of emotions, pretending to have loyalty, melted away woth crimes of passions, severely beaten speechless, with only words that should change us, our persoalitys made acuaintance with beauity, possibly admired through thick skin, sought with sore eyes searching truly, attractive ordinary stories, too be shared, and passed to the majority, not listening until we hear our thunderous heart beat, we cant see, we went in blinded, a promise was made, its to late to say sorry.

DOC #1492548


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