Lawon Haley

Introduction Blog, by Lawon Haley

my name:Lawon Haley
Intake:15 years in
Release date:2021

a little about myself?
well first I would like to say all praises to the most high!! and I give thanks to his Majesty emperor Ras-Tafari Selassie I..
I had no clue to who I was,or even where I was going when the courts handed me this time…I knew everything,but knew nothing at all. I have a 15yr.old daughter that I left out there alone with her mom,I suffer from that decision every day I walk down this number…I went from a young boy,to a young man,then into a grown man who is still growing as we speak..that’s a very hard transition when everyone who cared for you tried telling you that the road you were taking isn’t the right one…

the saying is…you live and you learn,well I think you learn then you live if you chose to do so…my mother who I love with all my soul has been my strength, and what I mean is,replaying everything she once told me in my mind and applying it to my life now because then I didn’t want to listen…plus it makes her soul smile now that I’m who she wanted me to be in the first place…A KING!

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! and that’s all kinds,even if you think its not righteous at the time,later it can be a great benefit to you and yours…
I’m a direct approach conversation type of guy,and I say what’s on my mind/the first thing that fits the subject…I hold no punches so please excuse my straight forwardness….


Lawon Haley #A487916
warren correction institution
cell#232, dorm:2-A
5787 state route 63
Lebanon, Ohio 45036


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