Burnett North

Introduction Blog, by Burnett North

My name is Burnett North I am 26yrs. old, I was incarcerated 2/23/17 I get out on 10/7/21. A little about me I’m a deep thinker who actually love to write I spend most of my time in books reading and doing a bunch of soul searching trying to find out who I am. I want to be a person who can change the world, leave behind a legacy of greatness and be that role model my children, nieces’, and nephews’ look up to. I have a lot of wisdom I cold share with the world. I like to talk about life and how as a people make it better for our future generation because they are our future and it starts with us teaching the right things. I am currently doing time at Warren Correctional Institution for a 2nd degree felony assulat on an officer my information is:

Burnett North
DOC #732-888

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