The Love Of A Good Book, by Joshua Lapelusa

So I love to read! I’m always trying to get plenty of books in here to keep up with my pace, although I never seem to be able to. Honestly I’m probably capable of burning through eight or nine a month with work and select t.v. shows on. I enjoy a good story something that grabs my attention and makes me not want to put down the book. I’m actually reading (The Bad place) by Dean Koontz right now and I’m hooked I’m having trouble writing this and not reading!
But I also hate the predicament I’m in because it limits my number of books I’m able to read. See we get a library here but it only carries so many books by certain authors and I’m fine with that but if you want to outsource you can . We can order books from library’s in our area and I’m ecstatic about that because our librarian doesn’t half to go out of his way to do so. Although what kills me is from the time I order a book to the time I receive it is just over a month. I’m able to order a few at a time also but it seems I never get the books I requested, or I only get one and I requested four. It is so frustrating and I love reading but all the time I feel I’m just waiting and when I get the books I’m so let down to find their not at all what I’ve ordered or not all there.
Anyway I’m a twenty eight year old who actually loves to read and I’m having such a ridiculous time getting the books I’m interested in. I ordered all of the gunslinger books by Stephen King months ago and so far I’ve only received books one, two, and three in as many months. I could have read the entire series by now what the hell. I feel like having books I dearly want to read out of reach is its own kind of cruel punishment. I can’t believe I’m actually saying all of this I used to hate reading but now it’s one of my greatest passions. Who would of thought? Oh well I just felt like updating on what I’m into and I always love a good book so I thought I’d let anyone who was bothering to read these know a little more about one of my more predominant interests. Well readers I’m getting off here can’t neglect my reading any longer, hope your all enjoying the winter weather it’s great for curling up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee or your choice drink and diving into a great book. Till next time, enjoy the little things in life!

Joshua Lapelusa
DOC #A723147


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