Maurice Robinson

That U Can Bet, by Maurice Robinson

I was really disturbed over the shootin death of the lil girl Jasmine down in Houston about a week ago. And it inspired me to write this song. I’m not a dad but I can only imagine what I would be feeling if that were me in that situation.
From a man who has foolishly done his fair share of shooting at people on foot and from a moving car and being shot at in similar fashions.
We need to do something because innocents are being slaughtered at a very alarmin rate. Babies, old people, women, men not associated with the streets are becoming victims… So i wrote this peace in honor of all the lil Jasmines across the world… Rest In Peace, may God Bless ur family and soul…

That U can Bet by Bigg Chap Capone

Fuck the consequences I’m tryin murder cuzz slowly,
for tryna slide on me/ in the presence of my fuckin shorty
My own homie/ tried to fleece me outta existence,
he said it wasn’t personal, claimed it was only business
Then put it the friendship/ homie like that would matter,
when u tryna spray my goddamn daughter wit brain matter
His bandana/ was on his gun as he aimed,
at my muthaphukkin brains/ as he cocked it and fired again
My daughter she screamed/ I think she’s hit,
cuz she’s throwin up some brownish meat shit/ clutchin her tit
Then my mind clicks/ outta control, stuck on revenge,
hit the glove compartment grab the Mac-10/
it’s own again/ til the bitter end,
Turn at the bend/ we’ll meet again
On my next to kin/ fuck u foe life u shot my kid,
and if she doesn’t live
I swear on our set/ with nothing left I’mma decapitate ur head from ur neck,
stomp on ya chest/ rip through yo vest/ piss down yo neck, before u jet/ into the muthaphukkin sunset homie that u can bet

Chorus: U can run but u can’t homie that u can bet, cuz when I find u I’mma leave that ass wet that’s on Chezette
Cuz where u hide, that’s where u gon die that’s on the set,
and I won’t hold no regrets for this shit that u can bet

Verse 2: I’m in the hospital screamin out loud somebody help me,
my baby she keep passin out on me, they shot up Shelby
And these nurses tell me/ relax man what’s wit the Mac,
u need to take that shit back outside or u gettin racked for that
In 5 seconds flat/ minus the strap a homie’s holdin on to hopes and a prayer like it was stickin batch,
some of that/ right about now would do me justice,
mouth to mouth? man she’s bleeding too bad, her lungs were busted
They won’t let me touch her/ losing my mind,
yea man I’m cryin/ cuz my baby’s dyin
I ain’t on that now ain’t the time
and it’s in my eyes/ traumatized bad behind this crime
Finalized/ ur existence for flippin the bottom line,
then I’ll do the dime/ homie for real cuz don’t care,
if these people wanna give me the chair/ I’l sit and stare
With a smile on my face hey homie that’s on our set
cuz I know we’ll meet again off in hell that u can bet


Verse 3: I get a phone call 3 days later Shelby ain’t make it,
my hearing’s kinda fucked up doc, repeat the statement
Cuz my heart is breakin/ u sho man u not mistakin,
but he clarifies Shelby is gone and I can’t take it
I’m shakin/ hysterically man it’s too much pressure,
watchin Shelby’s mother breakdown in tears clutchin her picture
A mental picture/ jumps in my head/ for what u did,
I want u dead u lil maggot ass nigga u killed my kid
Can’t let u live/ my hatred’s too deep,
can’t even sleep/ cuz these nightmares they seem to repeat
Us in the jeep/ u wit yo heat/ bustin ur slugs, my child in blood/ by the hands of my so called cuzz I gave u love
But what u done/ homie for real was start a feud with a dude,
that a stalk u for life to murder u
U deserve it to/ honest to God I’m at ur house, with 12 gauge cut at the snout to take u out
And after 3 knocks/ u open the door,
u see it’s war/ 12 gauge butt straight to ur jaw
Fall to the floor/ then I fire 4 straight to ur chest,
put u to rest/ ain’t no need for me to say no more y’all know the rest

Maurice Robinson
DOC #A274715

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