Travis Smith

Science, Philosophy, Politics and Poems, by Travis Smith

part 2
Then he heard a soft giggling come out of the figure like a silky smoke that whirled gently through the dark room.He realized it was Sara. He wasn’t sure what to do at first. He didn’t want to just grab her and accidentally hurt her. So he just uttered her name “Sara ?”
“Travis. Were you dreaming about your girlfriend ? miss freckles ” she mocked him playfully.
He found her hands and carefully held them and told her to jump off of him so he could reach the lamp.She giggled and complied sliding off his body. She sat on the edge of the bed as he extended his arm and turned on the lamp. When he sat up she moved in closer to him and displayed a .38 revolver pulling on the hammer , click , click. She giggled again in her little mischievous way. She reached into her pant pocket and pulled out a gold shaped piece of metal and pushed the lever. With the chamber out she slid the gold piece into the hole and slapped it back into place.
“I’m going to help you kill yourself. You want to die. What do you think happens when we do die ? I think about it all the time. I know you will find peace with this freckels thing and stop being tormented by it.” she looked at him. She felt a little sorry for him. The one woman said he has spent over a year letting this figment of his imagination haunt him. He was going crazy over a ghost.
” Are you serious. You think I should do it? I don’t know. What about the calico cat. She has been whispering promises of taking me to her.”
” That cats a little liar. I’ll tell you a big truth. Either you will just find nothing and sleep forever peacefully or you will find freckles just like at night except that you won’t have to worry about waking up and having her torn from your arms by this terrible world sucking you back into it. You will be with freckles forever. ” She looked at him hard with those shining blue eyes. Her lips were not smiling like they normally do. She was dead serious.
He stared back at her just as intensely as she looked at him. She made sense. It was as if she could read his thoughts because that is exactly what he suspected. Though he wasn’t sure how to stay in the freckle dream forever. That was it. He had to die here. Of course , how could he not of seen it ? He held out his hand ” Give me the gun , quick.”
She looked a little surprised. She tried not to smile. She didn’t know if he was screwing with her. She handed it to him. He took it and held it in his palm.
He smiled . “Its strange to think this little device can send me into this spirit world where freckles is waiting. Just by pulling this trigger. Like lightning to the brain. Alright Sara thank you , you better leave now sweetie, you shouldn’t see this.”
“Hell no, I’m not leaving. You cant die alone. I need to make sure I stay and see to it you are guided right. That damn cat might try to mess things up. I heard they can steal souls. Besides this is my moms gun and I can’t leave it here.
” Alright. ” he looked at the gun. “Is it ready?’
” yeah man, just put it in your mouth or against your head somewhere.” she watched fascinated by what was transpiring.
He stuck it in his mouth and held it there. His eyes were wide and there seemed to be a little fear coming into them. She knew he was picturing freckles though.His desire to be with her was super strong. He forced his eyes shut squinting them with a grimace and pulled the trigger….click
“Shit dude .What the fuck! you are crazy. I can’t believe you actually did it !”
He opened his eyes and pulled the gun out. “What happened?”
” It was a spent shell. You really thought I’d sit here and watch you die? ” she opened the chamber and pulled the casing and held it up. There was no bullet on top. “Your stuck with me dude. And I ain’t letting no one mess with you from now on. Not those punk kids in the car , not the cat , no one…I got your back” she held up the gun . “And I’m going to help you look for your friend freckles. I see she really means a lot to you.”
Travis looked at the little girl. He was still not sure if he could trust her.But right now there was no one else he could count on. He knew his parent didn’t want to help with freckles. He had no friends and everyone else was either afraid of him or laughed at him. And she did have a cute little face with freckles. That had to mean something. “Alright , thank you Sara”
Sara kicked her shoes off and laid back on his bed. She smiled and closed her eyes. “No problem man , turn out the light dude ”
He stared at the gun on the night table and then at her. ” Isn’t your mom going to wonder where you are ?”
” She’s working the night shift , She won’t be home until the morning.”
” Alright ” He reached over and hit the switch. He akwardly laid back and closed his eyes. Soon he was with his dark haired freckles. They were driving down a dark highway in the desert. She was sitting next to him in the passenger seat with her head resting against the glass. They were heading to New Mexico. He didn’t know who but someone was looking for them. There was a sense of fear and anxiety.

comin ‘ out the slums I’m pullin’ my gat out on you bums , so bring it on , when you wanna fight this outlaw kickin’ it like billy ray cypress hill , kill I’ll bust that grill grab my gat and load up the steal and if you wanna get drastic pull out the plastic glock synthetic material burial plots and murder, headin’ down to the Mexican boarder its a sin to kill a man , but I’ll be damned if I don’t take a stand , we ain’t goin’ out like that , I got you thinking what the fuck is this , letting you know I take care of business, can I get a witness , pull to the curb , exchange a few words , but he gets disturbed enough to grab the hand gun, I’ll huff and puff and blow your head off , we ain’t going out like that
Cypress hill , we ain’t going out like that.

Travis Smith
DOC #529433

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