Terrance Mann

Introduction Blog, by Terrance Mann

Name:Terrance Mann
Charge:Man Slaughter
Release date: 2025
Contact me at JPay.com

Hello!! I’m not a bad person just grew up and found my self in a situation that would have cost me my life or him his life and the lord decided to keep me.

Things i like to do:
I like traveling, having fun, and partying aswell. I like women with sexy pretty toes. I like funny movies, pizza also nice shoes, cloths and also fast cars.

I’m light skinned with many tattoos. My tattoo game went so fare as to me putting them on my face. I’m a honest person im a Stand up type of dude you know!! Never fold if you know what i mean. I’m not a snitch, nor a rat, and im not into men never will be i love women and only women. I love the lord, i do attend church from time to time. I believe in second chances for people aswell.

Terrance Mann
DOC #A656641


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