Timothy Beasley

Thoughts in my Head on my Birthday, by Timothy Beasley

As I sit behind these walls can’t wait to get outta here..
It feels good to finally say this is my last Birth Day away. So I can say today was a good day.
Cause its over with and I can go home and see my baby boy. I feel nervous cause I been away from my baby boy for so long (7yrs.) so imma a lil scared bout when your a man I feel you going to always snap back in daddy duties!

Today was my my but these past months since I got closer to coming home I have been so anxious ready to get there and start my life. I know I came in prison a boy and I’m leaving A Grown Ass Man! And its crazy I been away from my son for 7 long years. I’m glad I stayed in touch so my lil man known who I was. It wasn’t easy cause my baby mom was using my son against me… That’s some sad shit to do to a man behind bars when I’m already at my lowest.
I never heard of a women that keeps a kid away from his father when he want to be in his kid life and still take care of while I’m away….
I don’t get Baby Mom`s! But now that I have 5 Months left she wanna be back with me.

I told its better if we co-parent cause the same way she left me for dead when I went to away why come home and be with her when she stick it out thru the struggle.. She showed me she wouldn’t be there when times get hard!!!

That’s the Type of Woman Every Man Want A Rider.
Somebody who will have your back lift you up when your down, Cause Loyalty Don’t Cost a Thing!!! I’m signing out later.
#7yrs NoTears

How can I get over this feeling ??? get at me ..

Timothy Beasley
DOC #624- 069


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