Max McBride

by Max MCBride

Part 1
Your all I need

Love is so complex but I believe in us
and with are love and understanding
I see a bright future for us, all I do in this box
is visualize us and I’m ready to strategize
for us to see the bright side of life
With your love, I feel I can do anything I’ve never had a love
like you before and I know your all I need
babe smile

Part 2

Life without u means nothing
we where made for eachother
Even when we argue I can’t stay
mad at you, my soulmate
I coulding even picture life without u
Beautiful from ya lips to ya hips
When we make love we, I feel like
no other ,are love making is special
I always look forward to Um,Umm……….
O how I love you My Queen
And you have my word I will cherish U
forever ain’t no worries
Smile for me

To all my beautiful Queens outthere
keep ya head and strive for greatness
for you to have a greatlife you must found a good man to that you can spend
the rest of your life
Blessings to y’all
Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #466513


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