James Torbert III

My Life, by James H. Torbert III

my names is james h. torbert III im 33 yrs old an ive been locked up sice december 1, 2010 an my current out date is october 28, 2019. im locked by the decisions i made no ones elses so i know when i get out it will be my decision to stay free. i have a 7 yr old son who rules my thoughts an decisions if i dont think it benefits him i dont do it. i havent been in the hole/segregation in 5 yrs. ive completed janitorial apprenticeship program, ive been in ysu a college program, a dog training program for 3 yrs. an now that im at the end of my time ive learned how to do a little plumbing an welding. icant lie at the begining of this time i was still just being immature an doin what i wanted instead of what i need to do. now since ive watched my son grow up litterally before my eyes i realize that its not just about me. ive been doin time since i was 19 yrs old my 1st number i did 4 1\2 yrs i came home an was home for 13months long enough mess more of my life up an, when i was on the run i helped make my son. long story short i had a plan to go to the navy after i got out the 1st time but it fell through so i went down the wrong path because i didnt have as much patience as i thought i did. but i think thats because my wants an needs didnt line up now that im more mature i realize that the only way my wants an needs can be net is if they line up… i want an need to stay free an take care of my family… thanks for listening besafe an have a blessed day…

James H. Torbert III
DOC #a600 993


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  1. Good to hear lil brother. Ive always thought you had so much potential to do anything. You were such a talented young man. Guess what, I still see that potential in you and with God, the world will see your talents, done the right way! Be safe brotha.


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