Shara Cooper

I’m So Proud of Her! by Shara Cooper

I’ve been away incarcerated in this place, but it didn’t stop her.
Many weeks I’ve been out of reach with broken contact to no contact restricting my ability to speak into her life.
Forced to spend years away from her biggest cheerleader, she stayed strong and focused.
Faced with the negativity of the nay sayers and critics, she kept believing.

I’m so proud of her!

Having to be very different from her friends and many others her age. She didn’t ask for the difficulty.
Enduring lonely days and nights that screamed for the arms of the one she really wanted. She didn’t ask for the tears.
Questions that I was not available to answer simply because I was not there. Rather I was here when she had her first this and first that. She was left to wonder and depend on others.
The shame that came when she least expected it not because of anything that she did wrong. Shamed because of the one she loves. Very few noticed that she too was wronged.

I’m so proud of her!

She didn’t crumble.
She didn’t give in.
She didn’t feed the negativity.
She didn’t let the voice of the critics win.
She didn’t make excuses.
She didn’t hate.
She didn’t make the same mistakes.
Rather, she flew through it all.
Rather, she rose above it all.
Rather, she grew, inspite of my being incarcerated, to be the very best her that she could be. And, she is still growing.
She made it through the hardest of years. Still focused to make the best of the rest of her years.
She did what statistics say was impossible for her to do. She’s doing what the nay sayers didn’t believe she would do.
She is traveling the beautiful road of success inspite of the fact of not having me there with her.

How could I not be proud of her!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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