Primetime TV, by Rodney Fenner

[Hello world. I wrote this because among other things, I’ve been persuaded to do a whole book of these scenes. I got some feedback on the first one. Tell me what you think about this one. I challenged myself a little by writing from a woman’s perspective. I got the idea from a female reader who said she had trouble articulating this kind of thing. Maybe this’ll help. Keep the feedback honest. Thanks you and enjoy. Peace.]

Wow. I couldn’t quite believe this was happening. I was nervous, but a happy, excited nervous. Anxious. I’d been waiting for so long. The nights I held my pillow in his absence. The nights I woke up reaching for him, only to grasp nothing beside me. They were all about to pay off. Be worth it. My smile was trying to circumnavigate my head and I felt like I could fly. I was fully clothed, but I could only feel my tingling body. My skin was vibrating, releasing years of angst that aggregated in me. This was ethereal. I was so energized, I couldn’t sit still.
I turned on some music. “Slow” began seeping through my speakers. Of all the songs I made about him, this was his favorite. The music came on and I closed my eyes. It invaded me. Hearing myself sing the words incited the emotions that inspired them in the first place. Starting at me feet, I could feel it taking over. My body relaxed, accepting the invasion and beginning to sway from its cogency. My hands went up and my dreads slid through my fingers as the musically charged energy carried me through pirouetting, dropping low and a slow grind on the thin air. I danced away my nerves and the music was getting me high. I looked back to watch myself while I shook my ass slowly and made it bounce. That’s when I saw him.
Markell stood at the threshold to the bathroom, leaning on it. His thumbs were hooked on the inside of his tied towel like pants and his body was glowing from the shower. His traps were sitting high, guarding his neck and leading to the orbs of his shoulders. His arms hung, showcasing their swells and curves. Between his arms was a strong chest and a stomach neatly separated into six parts. He looked delicious and he was watching me. Staring. I didn’t know how long he’d been watching, but I decided to give him something to look at.
I danced as provocatively as I knew how to while making my way over to him. My eyes couldn’t help watch his eyes stalk my body. When my ass shook and twirled, so did his eyes. When my breasts jiggled and bounced, his eyes followed. At times, his gaze visited mine and conveyed his shamelessly lascivious intent for me before leaving to answer the call of my musically possessed body. I knew his hands were aching to meet my frame, eager to possess and manipulate my flesh. I could see them occasionally flex in longing. When I got close enough, they came to meet me halfway.
“Put your hands on the wall behind you, palms down.” I saw the disappointment in his eyes at being denied the feel of my skin, but his hands stopped inches from me and conceded. I stepped into his space, leaned in his ear and whispered, “Don’t touch me.” Before departing his ear, my mouth opened and my teeth closed around his earlobe briefly.
Knowing he wouldn’t touch me back, I couldn’t help myself. I put my hands on the backs of his and brought them up his arms, caressing the stiff muscles and all the grooves between them. Reaching his shoulders, my hands changed direction and went down his chest, appreciating the ready strength beneath it. Then my fingers traced the fault lines that separated the pieces of his stomach until I got to the towel. My hands went around his waist, toying with the edge of the towel, giving him hope that I’d take it off. I didn’t.
The music commandeered my body again. I turned my back to him and moved my body like a snake. My arms went up in the air, I backed up against him and continued my movements. My left hand went behind me, landing on the back of his hip and pulling his pelvis into my dance. My right hand caressed his face on one side as my face was pressed on the other side.
My motions changed and I leaned forward, tugging the shirt over my head. I didn’t have on a bra and for a second, I let my back find the heat in the wall of man behind me. Then, I bent over, touched my toes and and shook my ass on him. I could feel the towel shaking loose under me. I grinded him hard. I only stopped long enough to pull the thin fabric of my tights down from between us. I didn’t have on any panties and the only thing that was keeping the towel up after all that grinding was his back on the wall and my pressure on his pelvis. Now, there was nothing between us when I pressed back on him. I worked his dick until it was snugly sandwiched by my cheeks. I moved slowly up and down, letting his dick slide between me like a credit card and never letting him vacate my crevice. I bit my bottom lip because at this point, I was just teasing myself. That wasn’t about to happen.
With both hands, I reached behind me, grabbed hold of his dick and towed him to the bed. When I turned and sat on the bed, it was right there. In my face. My two eyes stared into its one. I licked around the head once. Twice. Then, I summoned every drop of saliva at my command and covered his head with my mouth. Grabbing his base with one hand, I pulled him from my mouth and made a popping sound. My other hand massaged his sack and I put him back in my mouth, going down until my lips got as close to the hand around his base as they could. I took my time, moving deliberately, manipulating my mouth and coating him heavily in my saliva. Seeing his dick like that got my pussy wetter than it already was, thinking of glazing him in its juice.

I kept moving my head and pressing my tongue to the bottom of his shaft with my hand moving in unison. Lubricated by my mouth, my hand gripped tight and stroked. My lips stayed connected with my hand as they moved together and my hand twisted back and forth. I made sure to squeeze tighter with my hand and lips every time I went over the ridge of his head and his sharp intakes of air told me the gesture was well appreciated.
I felt his manhood jump in my mouth from excitement. My body weakened slightly and my pussy throbbed in response. She was duely anxious. Jealous of my mouth, she wanted him out of it and inside of her.
My mouth, on the other hand, had one more act to perform and my breasts shook my body with their plea for attention. So I killed two birds with one stone. My hands went to satisfy my breasts’ rampant desire to be handled, rubbing them at first and then squeezing them. A moan from my pleasure escaped my mouth around his dick. My mouth then descended and my tongue escorted him to the threshold of my throat. There was a pause where I should’ve gagged, but I forced him back further, through the hallway of my throat until I felt like he was pressing up against my larnyx.
Before I’d started, I locked eyes with him. I watched the whole time while he struggled to keep his eyes from rolling backwards.
Amused at his efforts and content with what I’d done, I closed my mouth on him and retracted slowly. My teeth were lightly touching his skin, grazing him until his dick was free of me. I was still fondling my breasts. Rubbing them. Squeezing them. Pressing them together and against my body. Pinching my nipples. I looked up at him and gave him the most coquettish look I could give before I climbed onto the bed and lay flat on my stomach. I beckoned him by smacking my ass.
Markell was swift as he encroached on my body. I felt his hands make contact just below my calves and I closed my eyes to focus solely on his touch. His hands wrapped my calves, but his touch was light as he ascended them. When he got to my thighs, his grip tightened. He massaged them, moving up to the cuff of my butt and back down. I sighed when his hands made it to my butt as a pitstop. He squeezed my cheeks hard and parted them. I was anticipating the welcome intrusion of his fingers, hanging on my own longing to have my pussy played with, but he chose not to appease me and it only made me want it more. Instead, he slapped my ass with both hands. Lightening strikes that caused thunder in my pussy. I’ve never felt a more wonderful sting. I could feel the wetness inside me double, flooding me and seeping through the edges of my lips. He was making her drool in hunger.
His hands continued from my lower back to the top. He mounted me and I could feel the weight of his dick on my cheeks before he pressed it down to rest between them. His touch was s strong now. Purpose driven. Focused. They knew when to pressure and when to let up. They knew where to squeeze and where to press in circles. They roamed my back like they owned it because they did. I was so relaxed everywhere except at my tense, stiffened nipples and where the taut anticipation resided between my legs. My thighs were rubbing together trying to assuage the anticipation, but it wasn’t helping at all. It maybe made it worse.
The next thing I knew, his weight was on me. His chest on my back. He was a little heavy, but it made me feel warm and secure. His hands burrowed under my body and found my breasts to toy with. His mouth met my neck and introduced it to his tongue. Forceful sucking and wet circles danced from the side of my neck, to the back, to the other side. It felt like he was giving me a necklace of hickies and I loved it. His dick was again sliding amongst my cheeks, flirting with the idea of entry and I clenched them to make sure he didn’t come out. One of his hands abandoned playing with my nipple and kidnapped a pillow to shove under my hips. His full wet lips repetitively sought my face and a gentle hand massaged my scalp under my lock as I prepared for what I knew was next. Finally.
Markell moved his body until his dick left the valley between my cheeks and paused at my entrance. There it hovered, lightly touching the balded flesh of my lips. His hand left my head and guided his tip up and down between my lips. The anticipation was killing me and he knew it. He was enjoying it. He was only wetting his head in my nectar, but he knew very well how I wanted him in my hive.
“Inside me.” I felt like my pussy was saying those words instead of my mouth. I swear I felt them move. “Inside me Baby.” That time it came out a notch above a whisper.
“Is that really what you want?” His words were a playful taunt, drifting to my ears. The playfulness, the tease and the promise of fulfillment in his tone made my kegels clench and nipples harden more. My breasts felt heavy with need.
“Yes.” This was his revenge for me not allowing him to touch me. This was his game and I had to play. I LIKED to play. My heart was a piston in a v12 engine with the pedal to the metal.
“Do you want it bad enough to say….”
“Please. Please, Markell. Put it in me now.” I knew he couldn’t resist me saying his name in the breathy way I did when I was ready. “Markell.” His dick jumped. He was mine.
A second later, he obliged. His head went through my lips with such ease, sating my anticipation and satisfying my desire. At last, he entered my silk inner sanctum. I squeezed as hard as I could trying desperately to hold on to the feeling and at the same time providing him a strong resistance that was thwarted by my own flooded insides. Inch by inch, he went deeper. Dividing my walls. Opening me. Defying my pressure on his dick and pleasuring me. I could feel him pushing my internals aside to make room for himself, his tumescence winning against my constriction.

My hands strangled two pillows and I let out a stuttering sigh as his last inch piled in and his pubic hair brushed up against where mine should have been.
I was blinded by pleasure, but I was nowhere near immobilized. I reached back and grabbed his hips to hold him to me and started grinding. He put his hands on the bed to brace himself and grinded against me. When I went down, he went up. When I went left, he went right. I went clockwise and he went counter. Markell continued to stir my pleasure and desire until they blended together and became the mixture of my first orgasm.
“Faster.” My command was urgent and breathless, but received and obeyed. My noises came out so fast, I had no chance to stop them. “Faster!” Again he followed direction. I could feel my thick mixture overflowing onto the sheets.
Suddenly, his manhood was gone. He retracted so fast, I gasped. He paused long enough to glance at my glaze on him and just as fast as it was gone, it was back. Slamming into my ass and the bottom of my vagina simultaneously. Hard. All of it. Gone again. Back again. I was empty. I was full. He thrust into me so hard I had to put a hand on the headboard to keep my body from being forced forward every time. My other hand went to the headboard too and with my head still down, I used that leverage to fight back. Every time he was about to make contact, I met his force with force of my own. Our bodies collided, their applause for our performance sounding off in the air.
“Shit!” I could feel the dew of perspiration beginning to cover me and it was worth every drop. I kept working. Now every time we made contact, I would shift my hips to the right, angling his penetration. Next, I shifted to the right on contact. Then up. Then down. Eventually, I began winding my hips in circles while I caught all of his strokes as deep as he could give them to me. Fervently, our bodies moved in tandem, sweating in pursuit of our own orgasms and at the same time working to give the other the best one we could give.
“Shit!” That time was him. His body was bearing down on mine again. His heart was beating against my back like a machine gun. His hands buried themselves beneath me, seeking the weight of my breasts and the solid protrusions of my nipples. Markell rested his face on the back of my head. With his lips just behind my ear and through slightly labored breathing he whispered, “I love you Jennifer.”
My whole body tingled at his words. My name and his confession of love had been freed from his heart by his lips. I could feel the words caressing my skin from my feet to my head. “I love you back Baby.” I smiled at our inside joke and said, “You love me, right?”
He squeezed my body with his arms, my breasts with his hands and grinded my pussy as he said, “Wholly and absolutely.”
I repositioned my left hand to join and cover his in the squeezing of my chest. I sent my right hand behind me to find the back of his neck. Then, I clenched my vagina as hard as I could and said, “Show me.”
I knew he wasn’t finished. He was just pausing to regroup, but I decided to give him some motivation. This was likely the only time I’d get with him being still, so I took advantage. My right hand deserted his neck and went to play with the other three hands on my breasts. My kegels took on a life of their own, stroking the length of him from base to tip in waves like milking an utter. Next, I reversed it, going from tip to base. Then I went from his base to his tip and back. I could feel his dick pulsating and jumping inside me.
We were fucking without moving our bodies. I was echoing his moans and gripping his hands tighter. His arms closed in tighter on my body and he began kissing me from behind. His lips were hot and heavy with purpose. They were wet and really eager. He sucked on my bottom lip and tangled tongues with me. I sucked his bottom lip too, licking and biting it in my passion. Our lips remained locked, our hands remained melded to my body and his dick remained prisoner in my shifting cave as we made gentle love. It was sweet, but it didn’t last too long.
Markell separated our bodies and situated me to his will. He rolled me onto my right side and straightened my right leg. My left leg ended up diagonally across his body while he straddled my right leg and positioned his head at my gates. His left arm secured my leg to his body, his right hand fixed itself to my hip and he looked me in my eyes as he went beyond the surface of my body. Slowly, he went down and my eyelids did the same.
“Open your eyes Baby.” He was completely in me and I was so busy holding on to him, I almost missed his soft spoken request. My eyes came back open to see his had never left them. “Don’t move your eyes.” He smiled. “This is how I show you.”
He began his show and I was unbreakably riveted. His first stroke was slow and I could still feel the rhythmic throb of his penis on my walls. The cadence of his stroke alone made me want to close my eyes in pleasure, however, my eyes were in the strict custody of his and were commanded open. Open and focused they stayed because I was a law abiding lover.
The gentle friction was driving me insane, but that wasn’t enough for him obviously. His mouth latched onto my calf, kissing his way to my ankle and back down. His tongue arrived to the party, licking up and down while his hands massaged my thigh. His hands carefully manipulated the magic wand of my thigh and his lips were saying the abra kadabra that made a ridiculous flood appear in my pussy. She was so drenched, I could hear him sloshing in and out of her.
It was becoming increasingly hard to keep my eyes open. My lids fluttered as he sped up, but I kept them open. One of his hands found the top of my ribs for leverage and his other anchored my leg to his body, pulling me back to him with it every time he thrusted.

“Fuck, Markell.” I grabbed and squeezed his arm and clenched my teeth. He was beating my drum at a moderate speed, making the impact really hard and I was convinced he was knocking something loose in me. He had so much passion in his expression and so much love emitting from his eyes it, was saturating me and melting my body.
Markell slowed for a moment, pressing the clutch before shifting gears. He took my arm and made me hold my leg against my chest. In the blink of an eye, he upshifted. He leaned over me and his stroke went from zero to one hundred instantly.
Still, my eyes were intently studying his. They were more intense as he rapidly struck me, extracting short yelps from me that were muffled by my clenched teeth and powered by my grateful pussy. All of a sudden, a hand was tangled in my dreadlocks and pulling my head back, but my eyes were resilient. The other hand in his set wrapped my throat and still my eyes didn’t waver. He applied pressure and I showed him with my gaze that I trusted him. That I loved him just as much if not more than he loved me. I held my position while he aggressively ravaged my body.
The moment I started to feel lightheaded, my pussy showed him just how gracious she was. He released my throat and it was like he opened a valve. I came for him so hard, I could feel the energy draining from my body. I drowned his dick in my gratitude. I was still coming and catching my breath when he flipped me onto my hands and knees, firmly grabbed my waist with both hands and dug into me as fast as he could.
“There! There…” Dazed by what he was doing to me, I struggled to speak, but I angled my body just slightly to ensure he stayed where I wanted him. “Stay… right…there!”
Markell kept hammering me like he was shaping steel, pulling me very swiftly back into violent collisions with his pelvis. My legs were about to give out, but they didn’t get the opportunity. My pussy clenched on him and locked up. She was boiling over. I yelled and squirted all over the bed and he squirted all over my back wall.
When he’d emptied himself into me, he fell over on the bed and I collapsed. Breathing like a serial killer had chased him, he said, “Did I show you what you wanted to see?”
Finally able to close my lids, I replied, “Best show I’ve ever seen. Primetime.”
“Good because,” He looked at his bare wrist. “a new episode is coming on in about fifteen minutes.”

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377

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