Matthew Epperson

Optional, by Matthew Epperson

The idea of signing a contract with a publishing house stresses me out. No, that isn’t an option in my life as of yet, and maybe I should take it if it comes, but I think about it often. I would hate to be contracted to make a certain amount of books by a deadline. (For those who have read this blog continously, you know that my deadlines can be fickle) I want freedom in my creativity, yet I want to make a living doing so. I believe that I will be a successful writer, but the idea of marketing and getting my material out there is another pain in the neck. Prince, when asked about advice he could give to younger artist, said this “My advice to the younger generation is to avoid record labels at all costs.” (Paraphrased) With music, I understand that. But is that mentality wise in the book publishing industry? I would love to be a self sustaining author/musician who doesn’t have to rely on a contract by a publishing house/record label. I could work hand to mouth, from my mind to you consumers. You the people are my muse. I have a wonderful creation that I want you all to exploit and enjoy. I don’t want to divide my earnings up between a house/label. I want to promote good literature/music and receive the reward in full for MY HARD WORK. All in all, I’ll more than likely self publish via Amazon, Kindle, or Smashword; and I have a wonderful artists in here that is thrilled to do the cover art for my novel Ruse of Discontent. I like this approach, though it soley relys on YOU the consumer to spread the word and give feed back on what you’ve read. No pressure 😉

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
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