Caroline Peoples

Hello World, by Caroline Peoples

The last time I spoke with you I said I would speak to you tomorrow. It is funny that we feel as If we can plan for tomorrow. It is definitely not promised to us. So much has transpired since that time it is unbelievable but I count it all joy. I won’t fill your eyes with any negative occurances that have happened to me because I am almost certain that you have your own to contend with. So don’t concern yourself with my problems. Don’t even concern yourself with your own. Most of our issues stem from how someone or some situation has made us feel and our feelings count for nothing. We have to step outside of those feelings because they will keep us stuck in non-action. We cannont move out of that emotional car accident in our lives as we try to ascertain who the responsible party is in the mess we now have to clean up. We spend too much time on the event. On those feelings. It is time for us to live very different than how we lived before. Different than the way that we know is not working. We must stop holding on to people who are toxic just because we don’t want to be alone. We have to stop diminishing our value based on how someone else sees us. It is time to acknowledge the gifts that our children possess that we don’t like and or understand. It is time that we stop putting off giving God our time. Our time is not ours to begin with. If I let what other people felt about me dictate my life I would not be serving God. If I allowed the definition of who I am in the mind and heart of someone else other than God almighty define and establish me then these words would never be typed and shared. All is well. I joined the choir today and after I auditioned I just cried because here was God once again using me. Little old me. I am humbled. I am grateful. I am worthy. So world I am telling you that you are worthy. I challenge you to pick up your bible and find out for yourself of who you are. I mean you listen to what everybody else says about who you are. Try God. You tried everything else. Did it work for you? I’m just asking. Be blessed world and know that I love you all. For real I do!

Til next time.

Caroline Peoples,
DOC #163969


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